In the Black – Go To God’s Word. Journal Post 4. July 20, 2006

We are still going through my journal from the year my husband was killed.  Here is journal entry number 4.

– – –

July 20, 2006

“God will always give what is right to his people who cry to him day and night, and he will not be slow to answer them.”  Luke 18:7

“God heals the brokenhearted.”  Psalm 147:3

“God’s people are taken away, but no one understands.  Those who do right are being taken away from evil and are given peace.  Those who live as God wants find rest in death.”  Isaiah 57:1-2

Last night I got to thinking about the 1000 year reign.  I have always been a little confused about it.  Why do it?  Why do 1000 years of reign when you could just get on with it?  Well, maybe that 1000 years isn’t for God per say, but for us.  What if that 1000 years is to right all the wrongs that has happened to God’s people?  If that is so – Doug and I will be “together” again.  Interesting thought.  I will have to research it more.

– – –

I find it extremely interesting 5 days after my first journal entry, God brought me to the 1000 year reign of Christ.  I find it even more interesting that I even had the thought that maybe the whole point of the 1000 years was to right all the wrongs that have happened to us.  Amazing to me.  That is what I now believe, but looking back, I can remember how clouded my mind was, how confused I was.  How BLACK it all was.

But as I read my own words, I can see the light in them, the hope.  I trust you can too.

The bible verses first listed were important.  I still remember finding them that day.  I even remember writing them down.  The first one – Luke 18:7 assured me that if I cried to God day and night (and believe me, I did) answers would come.    Psalm 147:3 assured me that God was close to me, no matter how I felt in the black.  And the last one gave me something I hadn’t considered yet.  Perhaps God allowed Doug’s death that day because worse was coming.  Interesting thought.  Interesting scripture.  All of them gave me something to cling to.

And the Millennial Kingdom of Christ gave me something to pray about.

What was it?  Why was it?  And did that have something to do with me?

You bet it did.  Daddy is cool like that.  Daddy has so many surprises.  SO many surprises.

You ready to see a dinosaur?  I sure as heck am!

Amen and Amen, come quickly Lord Jesus!


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2 Responses to In the Black – Go To God’s Word. Journal Post 4. July 20, 2006

  1. katemeadows says:

    I am encouraged by your seeing the light from the other side of the fence. I feel like I am in a place where everything is hazy – wonderful, but hazy and confusing – and as much as I ask and pray, He doesn’t seem to be giving any answers. My only thought with that is the answer is “Wait.” I hate that answer! But His work in us sure does stretch us and cause us to grow. You are an inspiration here, as someone who has grieved and felt very lost and seen nothing but black, but who can now see things from another perspective and smile in joy. Thanks for that.

  2. it is hard at times to hear His voice. It was for me. I had to be surrounded by silence to hear it. Hard, I know . Weird situation I was in. 🙂 But He speaks differently for everyone. I think for me I just had to trust that it WAS Him and not me and then went from there. Thanks for your words Kate. Glad we are connected. You are one of the ones I really felt like i could relate to….! 🙂 I think we both brought up TIME a lot. Stay strong!

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