The Canvas – Journal Post 6 – September 3, 2006

If you haven’t seen my other journal posts, you can go back and start here.

But if I had to pick one journal entry that I still remember vividly, this would be the one.  It was a simple one, but an odd one.  Take a look.

– – –

September 3, 2006

The canvas will open when it opens.

– – –

That is it.  I mean, that is all I wrote.  I still remember that thought popping into my head as I sat on the couch watching something on TV.  I still remember grabbing my journal and writing down those 7 words before I forgot them.

I still don’t fully know what they mean.

And why do I remember those seven words?  Well, they still pop into my head.  I still walk around some days and then suddenly a thought: “The canvas will open when it opens.”

As of right now, I have two thoughts to the meaning.

First, God is the master painter.  He is paining our lives and only He knows the full picture.  He doesn’t want us to see the full picture because He wants us to rely on Him each and every day.  Remember that manna in the wilderness? The Israelites could only gather enough for THAT DAY (except for the day before the Sabbath when they gathered 2 days worth).  God didn’t rain down manna to feed the people for a month because God knows how fickle humans are.  If we have everything we need, and know everything that will happen, then we wouldn’t need Him too much would we?  We are fickle.

So I believe Daddy gave me that thought because I desperately wanted the answers I sought.  I wanted them immediately.  The black surrounded me.  I needed light to flood in, but if Daddy let the light flood in all at once, would I still continue to hunger for the “manna” each and every day?  Would I be so fickle?

Of course I would.

But Daddy taught me something.  There is always another treasure.  Each day, every day.  If you seek, you will never be disappointed (Matt. 7:7-11).  The canvas will open.  And there is never an end to Daddy’s canvas.  Never.  Which leads me to my second point.

Growth.  Daddy wants you to grow.  And Daddy is smart.  We are dumb.  I mean that with all honesty and sincerity.  And I truly hope you are laughing right now.  I do know God crowned man with His glory (Ps. 8:5) But Daddy is God.  We are not.  Compared to Him, we are a rock in smartness, a piece of dirt in vastness, a grain of sand in a world of oceans.  You get my meaning.  If Daddy floods us with all the answers to all our questions we would be so confused we wouldn’t know down from up.  Our brains just can’t contain Daddy’s knowledge – not all at once – not even a topic at once.  Daddy has to give us gems in His own time, so that you will learn, so that you will grow, so that you will hunger for His manna even more than you did before.

The canvas will open when it opens.  I don’t know what is going on in your life, but Daddy is painting your canvas.  It is a beautiful canvas, and He wants you to. . .

Trust.  Him.  Daily.

The canvas will open.

In Daddy’s time.  In Daddy’s way.

The canvas will open.

Your life is a masterpiece.

I can’t wait to see my canvas.  But I have a feeling there is a big splotch of black around the year 2006  And then?

There is a bigger splotch of light.   And it goes on forever.

The canvas will open . . .


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